Naked Yoni Necklace


The Yoni. The naked version. Inspired by, ahem, female anatomy. 
Power, confidence, conviction included with purchase.

    Product Details

    • Clasp in the front so you can hook your necklace all by your damn self.
    • Hand-carved pendant, 20mm wide
    • About 16" long 


    Gold Vermeil

    • “Ver-may.” You’re welcome. 
    • Gold plating but make her thicc. We use a solid layer of 14k gold over sterling silver for optimal quality.

    Sterling Silver

    • Our silver is recycled, meaning, she’s seen a thing or two. 
    • Sustainably sourced. Always.

    14k Gold

    • Damn you're fiiine. 
    • Made to be a forever partnership, 14k gold will always be there for you, even on your worst days.

    Most of our pieces are made by hand in our Brooklyn studio. If we have this piece in stock, it will ship within one week.

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