XOX Pearl Necklace


  • Listen. 
  • You don't need to fit into some 
  • Antiquated definition of feminine in order to wear pearls.
  • They're meant for YOU 
  • And however you define femininity.

Product Details

  • Clasp in the front so you can hook your necklace all by your damn self.
  • Hand-carved "xox" with Mother of Pearl cabochon.
  • 3mm freshwater rice pearls
  • 15” total length


Gold Vermeil

  • “Ver-may.” You’re welcome. 
  • Gold plating but make her thicc. We use a solid layer of 14k gold over sterling silver for optimal quality.

Freshwater Pearls

  • Not your ordinary pearls. You know...the ones that you never wear. 
  • Our modern designs re-invigorate the classic (and antiquated) pearl necklace.
  • Sustainably sourced and organic. Expect variations. 

Most of our pieces are made by hand in our Brooklyn studio. If we have this piece in stock, it will ship within one week.

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